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    Flea, Tick and Heartworm Product Chart

    Updated for 2015, this handy reference chart lists many of the flea, tick and heartworm products available from Henry Schein Animal Health. The chart features active ingredients, parasites treated, duration of treatment, minimum age and weight for pets and more.

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    • Joint health issues are often caused by everyday stress and strain. Clients need to be made aware of ways to help maintain their pet’s joint health.

    • It is often the smallest of pets that are the feistiest when coming in for a sick or wellness visit. If they have ever been to the vet before the chances are good that they have an idea as to why they are there now, and pets that are sick or already stressed can be difficult to deal with when they are getting poked or have nasty tasting stuff put in their mouths.

    • Who hasn’t had to sit a bit in a waiting room to see their doctor? We’ve all had to do this at one time or another, and a veterinary office is often no different. For example, when an emergency case comes into the office, all client appointment times get pushed behind. The extended wait won’t be a problem for some; but others, no matter the reason, will end up feeling frustrated. Since delays do happen, determining ways to make all clients recognize that they are important is the challenge.