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    Intelligent Inventory

    Intelligent Inventory automates the delivery of inventory data from Henry Schein Animal Health to users of supported practice management software. Each time an order is shipped, updated receipt of items information is transferred directly to the inventory module in your practice management software where it can quickly and easily be receipted, keeping inventory counts and costs accurate.

    Supported Software Packages:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why should I use Intelligent Inventory?

    • Greatly reduce time spent keying data
    • Increase practice revenue with accurate pricing
    • Improved inventory counts
    • Reduced shrinkage

    Does Intelligent Inventory update my prices?
    Yes. Provided your products are set with a markup percentage, Intelligent Inventory will work closely with your software to notify you of any increases made to your selling price. Intelligent Inventory will never lower a selling price so you can take advantage of your good buying decisions and not have to worry about pricing.

    Do I need to order from my practice management software to use Intelligent Inventory?
    No, but you can in supported software packages (AVImark, Infinity, Triple Crown, and Advantage+ (coming soon). Intelligent Inventory was designed to provide you the most flexible options in ordering and receiving products. Create your order any way that you want and receive them all electronically.

    What do I need to do to order from my Practice Management Software?
    Using the ordering tools in your practice management software is easy. You can initiate an order with Henry Schein Animal Health’s Closed Loop Ordering through both the purchase order, needs, or want lists. Simply build the items you want to purchase into the respective tool and click the “place order with Henry Schein Animal Health” button. Your order will be transmitted for processing and will automatically show up in your software to receive it. There are advanced options too that will allow you to order based on items falling below minimum values.

    How much setup is involved up with Intelligent Inventory?
    Intelligent Inventory was designed to be flexible and allows for setup to be done in advance of your first order, or on an order by order basis – depending on your preference. The bulk of the setup involves linking the item codes from your software to the codes used by Henry Schein Animal Health. This is pretty easy to do, but can take a little time depending on the number of items that need to be linked. The second part of the setup involves units of measure and how you track inventory in your software. By design, Intelligent Inventory delivers items in their lowest dispensed unit. There are some areas where your hospital may not follow that guideline. In those cases, a little setup on is needed to make sure that we are sending the items in the units you prefer. The good news is both of these areas are one-time setups. Once completed, you don’t ever have to do it again.

    Will it really save me time?
    In the short term, probably not. But in the long term – definitely. Taking the time to setup your inventory and to make sure your units are correct will eat into your time. In the long run, when you cut your inventory data entry and receipting time in half (or more), and you eliminate those pesky keystroke errors, the time savings will add up significantly.

    Are there any fees or memberships required to use Intelligent Inventory?
    No. Intelligent Inventory is free to Henry Schein Animal Health customers.