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    Calculate a patient's drug dose without the need for a separate formulary.

    Infinity Software integrates with the Veterinary Pharmacy Reference (VPR) software from Veterinary Software Associates.

    Updated twice a year, the Infinity VPR integration includes Printable Drug Information and Client Information Sheets on 704 Generic and 1800 Brand Name Human and Veterinary Drugs including Otic, Ophthalmic, and Topical preparations, Off Label Consent Forms, Anesthesia Consent Forms, Interactive Anti-parasitic Charts, a Weight & Measurement Chart, a Temperature Conversion Chart and a Drug Interaction Matrix.

    The Drug Information Screen offers Brand Names, Pharmacology, Indications, Contraindications, Interactions, Adverse Effects, Available Forms and Dosages. Utilizing this powerful tool, Infinity users can provide their clients with a pharmaceutical data sheet containing cautions, side effects, and possible drug interactions saving the staff both time and money. VPR also provides the ability to Search for any Drug by Generic Name (including Combo Drugs), Brand Name, Category, Body System and Client History.


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