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Recent Case Studies:

The Power of Harmony

January 13, 2017

Dr. Melissa Webster, DVM, owner of Tampa Veterinary Hospital, first noticed a cultural change within her team atmosphere several years ago. Communication styles were changing; generational differences were more apparent. Should she be concerned?

Progressive in nature, Dr. Webster began personality and communication training with her team. She didn’t want a divide, not even status quo. She wanted her team fully engaged. She wanted them to know how to effectively communicate with one another and clients and how to respect other people’s differences.

“I love what I do, and I want to have fun every day. And that’s what I want for my team,” Dr. Webster says. “You can feel it in a room when people are happy.”

Part of her commitment to building a strong team included utilizing Henry Schein’s Team Harmony program. The two-session training brings a team together for interactive, communication skill building. Team members identify various personality types and behavioral styles – some naturally blend, others are like oil and water.

They learn how to communicate with one another, how to resolve conflict, and most importantly, how to find harmony. Team Harmony builds a strong foundation for internal communication that can then be extended into external communication. And that’s just what Dr. Webster’s team did.

They now use their Team Harmony tools and skills to understand client personalities and communication styles. Team members proactively know how to best serve clients, how to interact effectively and how to resolve conflict.

“It may be as simple as changing the way you say something, based on the personality type,” Dr. Webster says. “Team Harmony has been a great tool for us, both internally and externally.”

The tool has also helped in hiring employees with both the right skillset and personality fit for the team. “It’s generationally merged us. It’s created a solid way of communicating and understanding one another. It’s brought harmony to the team.”

Dr. Webster admits to having high expectations when it comes to connecting and engaging with people. And why not? At Henry Schein, we believe it’s an expectation worth having.

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